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Live View

Follow up on crucial events when you’re not on site. Quickly check in to receive visual confirmation of what’s going on. The live connection will help you to avoid needless commutes between construction sites and be on top of the action.

“I check in on Construction View to decide whether or not it is feasible to visit the building site. This saves me tons of time and phone calls.”

- Land surveyor, Stadsbader

Photos & Time-lapses

On a set interval, the building site is photographed and the images are added to your timeline. To increase your efficiency, automatic time-lapses summarise the progress of each day, week and month. Looking for a marketing video? Create your own stunning time-lapse!

Visual documentation

Document the whole building process in High Definition images. Browse through time, collect evidence of important events and avoid discussions.


Always have new visuals to share with your audience. Engage your customers in the building process with stunning time-lapse videos.

Progress tracking

Save time by checking in on your sites remotely. Get visual confirmation of the day’s activity and overall progress.

Share with partners

Share images with other stakeholders for clear communication. Give access to other team members and partners to collaborate.

Video Marketing

On social media there is a significantly higher engagement with visual content over static information. Videos even get 5x as much views, according to a Facebook study*.

“Photos taken on site by our project managers are often not suited to share on social media. Now we always have new photos and videos.”

- Manager, CityAp




Break-ins are a serious problem on construction sites. Especially during holidays, the number of thefts and vandalism rise significantly. Unfortunately, this often results in high costs and loss of expensive equipement.

Built-in infrared lighting to capture every suspicious movement at night.
Collect and download visual evidence for police and insurance.
Quickly check your nighttime infrared recordings in one summary video.
Log in on any device: your desktop, tablet or phone. Whenever and wherever you are.

Always On Site

Ease your mind. Installing construction cameras not only helps to track down perpetrators. In most cases, the presence of a camera already scares off intruders.

“In our survey ‘Did you encounter criminal activity on your construction site?’, more than a quarter of the participants respond affirmatively.”


of sites robbed or vandalised

How it works

Tailored setup

One or more construction cameras?
Together we look for the best setup for your project.

Online platform

No need to install software. You will have access to a personal, secure, online platform, 24/7.

Continuous updates

Your platform and hardware receive automatic updates and new functionalities over the air.

Our cameras, built for construction

Weather & vandal proof

Our cameras received the IP66-rating, which makes them dust tight and protected against water. Moreover, our IK10-rating, offers the highest impact protection.

Smart Infrared

The intensity of infrared lighting is adjusted, so that no objects or intruders are overexposed. This feature ensures crystal clear images up to 30m at night.

WDR technology

Wide Dynamic Range technology improves the image quality under high-contrast lighting conditions, insuring sharp photos at any moment.

Detailed images

High definition images with a resolution up to 2560 x 1920, let you zoom in on details and are ideal for marketing purposes.

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